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21 Highly Unusual Ways To Lose Weight – But They Work

“To each their own” rings seriously true when it comes to eating habits and weight loss success.

Everybody is different—and consequently, different weight loss methods work for different people. While healthy, moderated eating and regular exercise is above and beyond the expert-recommended way to a lighter frame, some people get creative and color outside the lines with their own get-it-done strategies. And there’s something relatable about that; we all dream of the day where we can eat dessert for breakfast and fast food daily without any weighty repercussions.21 Highly Unusual Ways To Lose Weight - But They WorkAlthough we don’t suggest you trust all of these wacky eating plans, we think it’s worth hearing about what other people did to drop more than a few jeans sizes. Like any big lifestyle change, the moral of the story is that you may find the most success by doing something that truly speaks to you. All that said, there are always these 40 Fun Ways to Drop a Jeans Size, Stat that won’t make your doctor cringe like some of these diets.



It almost sounds too good to be true, but one man was able to live the dream by eating out every day and getting seriously ripped. After eating from the Chipotle menu every day for 315 days, David Cunningham was able to trim down from 172 pounds to a chiseled 146 pounds. The key for him was to have Chipotle package the foods separately so he could weigh proper portion sizes at home. He also put an emphasis on regular exercise, too.


Children are smaller in size, so their meals tend to reflect that. Ashli Johnson made the most of this connection and began ordering off of the kids’ menu at fast food joints in an effort to slim down. She also cut back on calories, stayed mindful of snack portions, and began exercising daily. These changes brought Ashli from 206 pounds down to a lean 140!

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